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Have a Well-Hung Holiday

Want to hand off your holiday headaches to the pros?

Commercial  |  Municipal  |  Residential
Christmas, Misc. Holiday, & Event Lighting


We handle everything from installation to the organization and storage of your lights when it's time to tuck them safely away until next year!


Our lighting installations come with comprehensive end-to-end service. Pricing for each of our lighting options already includes the following materials and perks! :

  • Strings of Lights (in your choice of bulb color if selecting Classic LED Lighting. If opting for Smart Lights, all light strings & programming accessories are also provided.)

  • Clips, Hardware & Attachment Accessories

  • Electrical Supplies & Timers

  • Installation executed by CLIPA Certified Installers

  • Maintenance while lights are up 

  • Removal & Organization of Lights 

  • Packed in Bins (barcoded & tracked w/our asset management software)

  • Securely Stored at our HQ to keep everything safe until we return next year​

Smart Christmas Lights

The Fully Programmable Christmas Lights

Our programmable Smart Lights provide animated smart RGB lighting technology. These lights have revolutionized the industry and should be on everyone's wish list for the holiday season. 

Our Smart Lights are controllable via an app on your smartphone. Through the app, you can select any color pattern you wish and can control the lighting effects. Thanks to this smart technology, you can literally create millions of different patterns.

You can even add a device that can understand and interpret music or other sounds in real-time. It's algorithms uncover key musical elements and pair with your lighting effects to create an audio-visual experience that is sure to amaze. 

C9 LED Christmas Lights

The Classic Christmas Lights


With their big, large bulbs and high illumination, they’ve been the go-to lights for years.  These can be stuck anywhere from a roof, a driveway, a vehicle, and even your body. 


What makes them special?

  1. Iconic Design – These are the lights that instantly come to mind when most folks picture Christmas lights, and for good reason.

  2. Big and Bold – Their large lenses and powerful diodes make them stand out in any display.

  3. Vintage Appeal – Since they’ve been around forever, they can lend a throwback feel to your display when needed while maintaining the numerous benefits of modern LEDs.


Commercial-Grade Lights

Customized to your House or Business

Pricing includes

Lights, Supplies, Installation, Maintenance, Removal, Organized and

placed in FREE Tote(s) for storage in a climate-controlled area of our HQ until next year's installation

C9 LED Lights


RGB Programmable Lights

Our Work


Pricing depends on multiple variables of your location's structure and nature of installation services requested.

We accept payment via Cash, Credit Card, and NOW  through the              app too!

Pay us by using Venmo!
Xmas Est/Sched Form
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