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Making Lawns Great Again

Leaf Cleanup & Removal

"Make like a tree and leave."  If only trees picked up after themselves you wouldn't have

to worry about these things.  So yes, we do leaf removals or we can mulch them up!



Whether the seasons have changed or a big storm has blown through your yard, GI-Mow can clean up the mess that the trees have left behind with our affordable and fast leaf removal service. Leaf removal can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be!

The professionals at GI-Mow will blow through your entire yard like an ARMY of Soldiers and remove fallen leaves from all areas, including flower beds and other landscaped areas. Keeping your yard clean and free of sticks, leaves and other debris will help keep your lawn healthy, and of course, improve your home's curb appeal.


Step away from the rake and give us a call- we will have your yard Squared Away in no time.


Every property is different and there is no way to guarantee a price without getting eyes on the objective. 


Quotes are free, so don't hurry up and wait...

Make a move!

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