Funny story...


I did my first lawn care job when I was 16.  I had a science teacher that always had it out for me.  That guy gave me more swats than I could count. So, after a big rain, I decided to turn some donuts in his yard.  I left some pretty good-sized ruts- and it felt good!  Well, somebody saw me and told my dad, so he made me go landscape his yard before the cops found out.  I did such a good job that my teacher decided to hire me to maintain his grass for the next few years. 


After school, I joined the military. It was then when my special intimate relationship with grass began.  Since I was a bit of a talker, I spent most of my time in the grass doing pushups, low crawls, and even cutting grass with scissors.  Later in my career, being the good talker that I was, I decided to go to Drill Sergeant School.  I can't tell you how many trees I've yelled at and tried to teach during this school, but the only thing I ever got them to do was to stand still and grow. As a Drill Sergeant, I wanted soldiers to have the same experience I had, and enjoy the company of grass. So, I made soldiers eat grass, dip grass, sweep/mop grass, tell grass their life story, use grass as earplugs, and when the grass was dying I made them give it CPR because chest compressions were just modified push-ups.

I think grass and I have a pretty good relationship.  We have always been able to see eye to eye- literally!   So now I take care of the grass. And in return, it takes care of me.  

From our fearless leader


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