GI-Mow | Christmas Light Installation
GI-Mow | Pre-lit Wreath
GI-Mow | Firewood Delivered and Stacked
GI-Mow | Leaf Cleanup & Removal
GI-Mow | Christmas Light Installation & Tree Wrap
GI-Mow | Christmas Light Installation
GI-Mow | Christmas Light Installation
GI-Mow | Commercial Smart Light Installation
GI-Mow | Firewood Delivered and Stacked
GI-Mow | C9 Christmas Light Installation
GI-Mow | Firewood Delivered and Stacked
GI-Mow | Christmas Light Installation

Making Lawns Great Again

Municipal & Commercial

Lawn Care Services 

 North Richland Hills & Fort Worth Area

Christmas Lights & Decor Install and/or*Removal

*Has your "inexpensive" contractor who installed your Christmas Lights gone MIA now that it's time to take them down? Don't fret, we can help!

Give us a call, and we can quickly deploy to remove those Christmas Lights for you!

Firewood Delivery or Contactless Pick Up

Leaf Cleanup & Removal

Other Services we offer include:


- Mowing/Edging/Blowing

- Mulch/Seasonal Flower Installation

- Winter Ryegrass Seeding

- Spring/Fall Cleanup

- Bed/Planter Cleanup

- Bush & Minor Tree Trimming 

- Insect Control

- Fertilization/Weed Control 

We are a veteran-owned business,

so our culture and style aren't like most companies.  

In fact, some people may find us offensive in the sense that we love America, green grass, freedom of speech, and our president.  We are American, speak English, and stand for the National Anthem. 

We aren't the cheapest service out there because we firmly believe that "you get what you pay for". 


We will be there when we say we will year after year. If you're looking for a business that has extreme attention to detail, and with whom you can quickly and easily communicate, then look no further.  We send emails out the day before each service as a reminder and an opportunity for you to adjust fire as needed.  

If you think green lawns matter,

reach out to us today for some additional information. 


Quotes are free last time we checked. 

Don't worry we won't try to rip you off like some companies. We will be straight forward and honest with you from the get-go.   

We won't leave 'til it's good to go!

We accept payment via Cash, Credit Card, and NOW through the              app too!


4170 Willman Ave.

Richland Hills, TX 76180