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Wood that will keep you coming back for more!

Firewood Delivered & Stacked 

within North Richland Hills, Keller, Fort Worth, & the surrounding areas. 

Our wood is some of the best around, and we can say this because we touch every log. If it doesn't meet our expectations, we will discharge it. 


Half of the firewood we have comes from local tree company, which we will cut and split at Base. The other half comes from a vendor in East Texas. 

Our average length is 16-18 inches. 


Most of our wood is seasoned for 5 months or more, however, as supplies begin to run out closer to December and January much of the wood will be seasoned around 3 months and can be a pain to start.  So you may need an extra fire starter log and some extra lighter fluid to get it going.  Once it gets going it will last you longer while still putting off the same amount of heat.  We recommend buying firewood during July-October for the best seasoned wood.  

Our prices are usually higher than other suppliers because you can expect outstanding service with your purchase. PLUS we'll expertly stack your order at your preferred destination.  Be advised that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  

We offer two options to receive your order for your convenience:

1.  You can opt to *Pick Up your order at our Base location at a discounted price. 

2.  We offer FREE Delivery & Stacking of your order if you're within 20 miles* of our location.​

* Deliveries outside our 20-mile delivery zone are still available with a fee of $2 per additional mile (unless we are scheduled to be in your area at the time you prefer).  

 Delivered and Stacked


$115   1/8 Cord   ( 4' x 2' )

$210   1/4 Cord    ( 4' x 4' )

$355   1/2 Cord   ( 4' x 8' ) 

  $650   Full Cord  ( 4' x 16' )

Pickup Prices

(we will load you up)

$75   1/8 Cord   ( 4' x 2' )

$150   1/4 Cord    ( 4' x 4' )

$275   1/2 Cord   ( 4' x 8' ) 

  $550   Full Cord  ( 4' x 16' )

These are cash prices, if you pay with venmo or CC additional fee will apply.   

Pay us HERE with Venmo!

We accept payment via Cash, Credit Card, and             

Firewood Delivery | GI-Mow Lawn Care Services
Firewood | GI-Mow Lawn Care Services
Firewood | GI-Mow Lawn Care Services
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* Pick Up available by appointment only

      Call/text us to let us know when you'd like to come by, or fill out the form below to schedule a date/time.

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