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  • Veteran-Owned Commercial Lawn Care | DFW |

    Making Lawns Great Again Municipal & Commercial Elite Lawn Care Services Christmas Lighting Firewood Dumpster Rental North Richland Hills & Fort Worth Area In fact, some people may find us offensive in the sense that we love America, green grass, freedom of speech, and our former president. We are American, speak English, and stand for the National Anthem. We aren't the cheapest service out there because we firmly believe that "you get what you pay for". We will be there when we say we will year after year. If you're looking for a business that has extreme attention to detail, and with whom you can quickly and easily communicate, then look no further. We send emails out the day before each service as a reminder and an opportunity for you to adjust fire as needed. If you think green lawns matter, reach out to us today for some additional information. Quotes are free last time we checked. Don't worry we won't try to rip you off like some companies. We will be straightforward and honest with you from the get-go. We won't leave 'til it's good to go! We accept payment via Cash , Credit Card , and NOW through the app too! We are a veteran-owned business, so our culture & style aren't like most companies.

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  • Join Our Ranks | gimow

    We are on the hunt for a hardcore candidate that pisses excellence and bleeds 'Murica. We're growing so fast we have stretch marks! There is room for advancement/leadership roles within the company, and we offer competitive compensation if you can keep up- IF YOU CAN KEEP UP being the operative words. Don't worry, we will pay you what you are worth. ​ We are a military-style company looking for disciplined, sarcastic, tough people that can hold their own. We offer great benefits to the right person after the waterboarding process is complete. Interested in an opportunity to join our Brotherhood? If you think you can hack it with the big dogs... fill out the below form, and submit your resume to APPLY NOW! ​

  • Firewood | DFW |

    Top of Page Anchor 1 Wood that will keep you coming back for more! Firewood Delivered & Stacked within North Richland Hills, Keller, Fort Worth, & the surrounding areas. ​ ​ ​ Our wood is some of the best around, and we can say this because we touch every log. If it doesn't meet our expectations, we will discharge it. Half of the firewood we have comes from a local tree company, which we will cut and split at Base. The other half comes from a vendor in East Texas. ​ Our average length is 16-18 inches. Most of our wood is seasoned for 5 months or more, however , as supplies begin to run out closer to December and January much of the wood will be seasoned around 3 months and can be a pain to start. So you may need an extra fire starter log and some extra lighter fluid to get it going. Once it gets going it will last you longer while still putting off the same amount of heat. We recommend buying firewood during July-October for the best seasoned wood. ​ Our prices are usually higher than other suppliers because you can expect outstanding service with your purchase . PLUS we'll expertly stack your order at your preferred destination. Be advised that ALL SALES ARE FINAL . We offer two options to receive your order for your convenience: ​ 1. You can opt to * P ick Up your order at our Base location at a discounted price . ​ 2. We offer FREE Delivery & Stacking of your order if you're within 20 miles* of our location.​ * Deliveries outside our 20-mile delivery zone are still available with a fee of $2 per additional mile ( unless we are scheduled to be in your area at the time you prefer). Face Cord Pricing: For Delivered & Stacked service paid by Cash . If paying by Credit Card or Venmo, then sales tax will be applied. ​ $105 1/8 Cord ( 4' x 2' ) $165 1/4 Cord ( 4' x 4' ) $295 1/2 Cord ( 4' x 8' ) $575 Full Cord ( 4' x 16' ) ​ Please contact us for pricing if you have a need for a different quantity other than what is listed. ​ We accept payment via Cash , Credit Card , and NOW through the app too! * Pick Up available by appointment only . Call/text us to let us know when you'd like to come by, or fill out the form below to schedule a date/time.

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  • Leaf Mulching or Cleanup and Removal | DFW |

    Top of Page Making Lawns Great Again Leaf Cleanup & Removal "Make like a tree and leave." If only trees picked up after themselves you wouldn't have to worry about these things. So yes, we do leaf removals or we can mulch them up! Whether the seasons have changed or a big storm has blown through your yard, GI-Mow can clean up the mess that the trees have left behind with our affordable and fast leaf removal service. Leaf removal can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be! ​ The professionals at GI-Mow will blow through your entire yard like an ARMY of Soldiers and remove fallen leaves from all areas, including flower beds and other landscaped areas. Keeping your yard clean and free of sticks, leaves and other debris will help keep your lawn healthy, and of course, improve your home's curb appeal. Step away from the rake and give us a call- we will have your yard Squared Away in no time. ​ Every property is different and there is no way to guarantee a price without getting eyes on the objective. Quotes are free, so don't hurry up and wait... Make a move!

  • Christmas Light Installation & Decor | DFW |

    Have a Well-Hung Holiday Want to hand off your holiday headaches to the pros? Tell Us How We Can Help! Commercial | Municipal | Residential Christmas, Misc. Holiday, & Event Lighting We handle everything from installation to the organization and storage of your lights when it's time to tuck them safely away until next year! Our lighting installations come with comprehensive end-to-end service. Pricing for each of our lighting options already includes the following materials and perks! : ​ Strings of Lights (in your choice of bulb color if selecting Classic LED Lighting. If opting for Smart Lights, all light strings & programming accessories are also provided.) Clips, Hardware & Attachment Accessories Electrical Supplies & Timers Installation executed by CLIPA Certified Installers Maintenance while lights are up Removal & Organization of Lights Packed in Bins (barcoded & tracked w/our asset management software) Securely Stored at our HQ to keep everything safe until we return next year​ Smart Christmas Lights The Fully Programmable Christmas Lights ​ Our programmable Smart Lights provide animated smart RGB lighting technology. These lights have revolutionized the industry and should be on everyone's wish list for the holiday season. ​ Our Smart Lights are controllable via an app on your smartphone. Through the app, you can select any color pattern you wish and can control the lighting effects. Thanks to this smart technology, you can literally create millions of different patterns. ​ You can even add a device that can understand and interpret music or other sounds in real-time. It's algorithms uncover key musical elements and pair with your lighting effects to create an audio-visual experience that is sure to amaze. C9 LED Christmas Lights The Classic Christmas Lights With their big, large bulbs and high illumination, they’ve been the go-to lights for years. These can be stuck anywhere from a roof, a driveway, a vehicle, and even your body. What makes them special? Iconic Design – These are the lights that instantly come to mind when most folks picture Christmas lights, and for good reason. Big and Bold – Their large lenses and powerful diodes make them stand out in any display. Vintage Appeal – Since they’ve been around forever, they can lend a throwback feel to your display when needed while maintaining the numerous benefits of modern LEDs. ​ Commercial-Grade Lights Customized to your House or Business Pricing includes : Lights, Supplies, Installation, Maintenance, Removal, Organized and placed in FREE Tote (s ) for storage in a climate-controlled area of our HQ until next year's installation C9 LED Lights RGB Programmable Lights Our Work 1/2 FREE QUOTES Pricing depends on multiple variables of your location's structure and nature of installation services requested. We accept payment via Cash , Credit Card , and NOW through the app too!

  • About Us | Veteran-Owned | North Richland Hills DFW |

    GI-Generals with top brass Leaders! Chris Hogan, Boss Man, Dave Ramsey, Boss Lady & Ken Coleman New GI-Merch! GI-Generals with top brass Leaders! Chris Hogan, Boss Man, Dave Ramsey, Boss Lady & Ken Coleman 1/8 How It All Started Funny story, but I did my first lawn care job when I was 16. I had a Science teacher that always had it out for me. That guy gave me more swats than I could count. So, after a big rain, I decided to turn some donuts in his yard. I left some pretty good size ruts and it felt good! Well, somebody saw me and told my dad so he made me go landscape his yard before the cops found out. I did such a good job that my teacher decided to hire me to maintain his grass for the next few years. After school, I joined the military and it was then when my special intimate relationship with grass began. Since I was a bit of a talker, I spent most of my time in the grass doing pushups, low crawls and even cutting grass with scissors. Later in my career, being the good talker that I was, I decided to go to Drill Sergeant School. I can't tell you how many trees I've yelled at and tried to teach during this school, but the only thing I ever got them to do was to stand still and grow. As a Drill Sergeant, I wanted soldiers to have the same experience I had, and enjoy the company of grass. So, I made soldiers eat grass, dip grass, sweep/mop grass, tell grass their life story, use grass as earplugs, and when the grass was dying I made them give it CPR because chest compressions were just modified push-ups. I think grass and I have a pretty good relationship. We have always been able to see eye to eye- literally! So now I take care of the grass. And in return, it takes care of me. Meet The Team Most companies insert individual bios about their leadership team, but we aren't like most. We are an anti-corporate group of military-grade humans. We all bring some sort of knowledge and experience to the table, which is what helps make the dream work. From college degrees to GEDs, the one thing we don't lack is expertise.

  • Commercial/Residential Lawn Care & Lighting | DFW |

    If you've ever burned or stepped on the flag, then it's best if you don't contact us. Let us know how we can be of service... ​ Municipal Lawn Care Services & Maintenance Commercial Lawn Care Services & Maintenance Large Acreage Lawn Care Services Brush Mowing/Clearing Fertilization / Weed Control Insect Control Seasonal Color & Mulch Installation Holiday or Event Lighting Firewood Delivery Junk Removal ​ ​ can be sure that we won't let you down. We accept payment via Cash , Credit Card , and NOW through the app too!

  • Roll Off Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal Services | DFW |

    Top of Page Services Whatcha gonna do with all that junk inside your trunk? MIL-SPEC Roll-off Dumpster Rentals Serving Dallas / Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas Visit us at! ​ 16 & 20 cubic yard Dumpsters Available: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ * 2 Tons (4,000 lbs.) included in pricing * $75 fee added if the weight of final loaded materials exceeds the limit of 2 tons (4,000 lbs.) HOW IT WORKS: 1. Give us a call or text . Or shoot an email . 2. We will provide you with a quote based on the # of days you need to load up your junk, +plus the weight of the junk you're loading. 3. Once you've approved the terms of the rental agreement, the dumpster will be dropped off on your specified date. 4. We will automatically pick up the dumpster you've loaded on the morning of the last day of your rental timeframe (Ex: 24-hour rental Drop-off Monday @ 9 am, then Pick up = Tuesday @ 9 am) . ​ Please do not overfill the dumpster ! Nothing should be sticking up past the sides or it will be taken out. Strict laws require us to cover the dumpster during transit to the landfill. $320 24 hours: $360 2-3 days: $400 4-7 days: $345 24 hours: $405 2-3 days: $440 4-7 days: 16 yard 20 yard Mail Phone (817) 647-2222

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