Making Lawns Great Again

We can keep your yard "squared away" all year long!


 Mowing/Edging, Bush & Minor Tree Trimming, Junk Removal, Fertilization/Weed Control, Mulch/Flower Installation, Spring/Winter Clean Up, Bed/Planter Cleanup, Insect Control, Holiday Light Decorations, Firewood


Mow, Edge, Blow

x-small yards $30

small yards $35

medium yards $45

large yards $50

Mow, Edge, Blow, Trim Bushes

prices will vary depending on the amount of bushes


Mow, Edge, Blow, Trim Bushes, Clean Beds, Mulch & seasonal

40 ser

prices will vary depending on the amount of bushes and bedson the property



A one year contract designed to meet your specific needs.  You pick how many times you get serviced each month whether it's 1 time or 5 times then we will add it up and divide by 12 for a consistent monthly payment.  Same service we offer to Commercial accounts.

Prices listed above are only estimates for weekly services.  Bi-weekly and one-time services typically run a little higher depending on the length of the grass.  Every property is different and there is no way to guarantee a price  without getting eyes on the objective.  Quotes are free so don't hurry up and wait.  Make a move!

Whether you want it weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly we have the right package for you.  Just tell us what you want.  We are pretty good at making you and your lawn happy.

Better Lawn Mowing

How many companies have you seen that cut grass with a standard push mower? Not only does this take longer, but it can lead to even higher pricing for your service costs. Instead, we use top of the line mowers that can eat any type of grass in minutes. We can even bag your lawn for an additional fee.  


Weed Control

Anyone can do weed control!  Its just a matter of using the right stuff and applying it at the right times.  We can handle this for you or give you a little advice so you can do it.


Bush Trimming 

Bush trimming is a simple task that most people choose to ignore. Unfortunately, without regular trimming, your bush or bushes become big and bulky. Nobody wants to see an overgrown bush, let us trim it up so you can show off whats behind the bush! 

Flower Bed Maintenance

Not very many companies offer this but we do.  We take our time to ensure your planter beds are weed free all year round.  


Leaf Removal

"Make like a tree and leave".  If only trees picked up after themselves you wouldn't have to worry about these things.  So yes, we do leaf removals or we can mulch them up which is cheaper.  

Edging & Trimming

This is the only way to give your lawn that "high and tight" look.  We edge and trim every property to give your house the professional look it deserves. 





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